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I have been singing since I sang myself to sleep as a baby (and also during my baptism, singing the baby gospel 😆). I believe music, singing especially, brings happiness, wholeness and healing to self and others. 

What comes out of my body when I sing is straight from the Spirit in my soul. Every song feels like a hymn, expressing every emotion, all leading to gratitude for every God-given gift on this planet. 


October 2021


Currently working on my SoundCloud site, adding old tunes as well as new ones! Collaborating with my former Six Easy Pieces bandmate and long-time friend Sonny Bihl (The Warhorses, Jeremy Miller Band). Hoping to get Joey B back on drums and find some bass contributions so we can Get The Band Back Together, Man. 

Click to the left to listen to tracks and Follow to get notifications of new additions. The newer ones will be mostly first drafts and rapid iphone/Garage Band productions, just to manage any expectations of radio-quality tracks. Because there won't be any. Yet. 😉

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